A unique car rental marketplace for FREE of middlemen, commissions and dependency

The first-of-its kind blockchain-powered car and parking space rental ecosystem, based on the freemium model

The Project's ultimate goal is to offer a single marketplace for easy, efficient, transparent and direct interactions between rent-a-car, ride sharing and parking space owners and users. Clients, providers and the society will benefit from optimized travel costs, reduced traffic and the subsequent positive effect on the environment.

Enter a world of mobility without unfair charges, hidden clauses and poor service

Booming industry figures on forecasts:

  • Global car rental market evaluated at $65 billion in 2017 and expected to reach $276 billion by 2027
  • Global parking market amounts to $100 billion a year, out of which U.S. estimated to generate 60%
  • More than 95% of the trips can be shared with minimal inconvenience for the passengers, shows a US National Academy of Science research
  • 80% cost reduction possible while maintaining a quality riding experience

FFQuest.com is a unified marketplace where all participants enjoy fair pricing combined with efficient and transparent ways to interact

The opportunity to make informed mobility choices benefits everyone by advancing the market and improving the quality of modern life.

By employing the blockchain, FFQuest will enable suppliers to eliminate inflated price offers, will ensure timely payments settlement and enhanced new channels for optimization of underused fleets.

Clients will benefit from an access to a broad range of listings, prices with 0% commission, clear binding conditions and instant booking.

$ $ $ P ARKING

A truly revolutionary business model with the potential to transform the industry, enhance supply and change customer experience, in a market where middlemen take 20-70%.

FFQuest leads the revolution in mobility and creates an iconic user experience.

All constituents of the FFQuest ecosystem – rent-a-car companies, car and parking space owners, drivers and end users – will benefit by removing middlemen from the current business paradigm, increased speed of transactions and a trustless network.

Not only does FFQuest envision occupying a new and disruptive niche in the $ 276 billion market based on the freemium model but it also aims to promote self-sustainability and self-service adoption.

  • Commission-free, mutually-rewarding transactions between providers and end-customers
  • No hidden fees and conditions
  • Complete transparency and ethical peer-to-peer interactions
  • Real token economy, high turnover and multipurpose token usage
  • Support of regular payment methods and fiat currencies for mass adoption
  • Efficient, reliable portfolio of B2P and P2P services with added value
  • Motivated community of highly active mobility users
  • Strong and dedicated team, trustworthy and experienced advisory board

Mobility and Blockchain Unite for a Brighter Future

By endorsing the underlying blockchain technology FFQuest carries material value for end customers and providers alike. But how will blockchain disrupt the established industry business models?

  • 0% middlemen-incurred commission
    All constituents of the FFQuest ecosystem benefit from removing middlemen. Rent-a-car companies, automobile and parking space owners, drivers and end users obtain a fairly priced offers at lowest possible rates, reduced or eliminated transaction fees, enhanced cooperation and timely payments. This establishes efficiency and trust.
  • Full transparency and fair play
    Clients have a simple way to choose from a variety of mobility services with full access to the information required and ability to compare and control charges. Independent and flexible rent-a-car providers receive a great opportunity to access the global market, independently from monopolists. FFQuest makes all relevant information shared and readily available.
  • Decentralized rental engine
    The Decentralized FFQ Ledger is the engine governing all relationships and operations between participants. It is built initially on the Ethereum VM and uses smart contracts to regulate all transactions. The FFQ Ledger operates solely with the FFQ token, while possessing the flexibility for integration with external exchanges. It allows different currencies conversion through an internal algorithm.
  • Limited third-party reliance
    The blockchain solution built by FFQuest ensures a full synergy between the unified marketplace, the Decentralized FFQ Ledger and the FFQ utility token. A self-sustainable and self-service ecosystem removes the need of third-party interference.


The FFQ token is for the visionaries: the longer you can hold it, the bigger utility you obtain.

    The FFQ token is ERC20-compliant. Tokens will be distributed during a cautious and transparent Token Sale Event.
    The FFQ token demand will increase proportionately to the platform’s expansion. FFQuest employs a large variety of services backed up by sustainable partnerships, possibility for integration with other platforms and flexibility for converting other currencies into FFQ token.
    Cost efficient and fair access to the 3 main pillars of car travel mobility - multichannel car renting, ride sharing and parking.


During the FFQuest TGE, the total amount of FFQ tokens will be created. The FFQ will be operated by an experienced and user friendly platform and will be made available to buyers worldwide. It’s worthwhile to subscribe early!


  • 60% will be offered for Sale
  • 40% will be kept and divided as follows:
  • 20% distributed among team, advisers and community
  • 20% retained as a medium of circulation, hedging and ecosystem maintenance


Phase 1 – Main Sale

45% of Tokens to be sold with the following terms:

  • With 15% discount for the initial 15 days
  • At regular price for the subsequent 30 days



Phase 2 – Post Sale, 6 months after Main Sale end

15% of Tokens to be offered to loyal investors with 10% discount from the market price

Project soft cap is $1.5 million, hard cap is $4.5 million for the 45 % token distribution in Phase 1.

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